Morning is the title of my third entry into Ludum Dare, the worldwide game jam. This was a solo entry, targeting the 72-hour Jam. It is a 3D, first-person point-and-click adventure game (in the vein of Myst, for example). Given the time constraints, there’s not a lot of content in the game – the aim of the game at the moment is to guide the character through his morning routine so he can go to work.

This game is my first solo attempt at developing a 3D game*, and I’m rather proud of how much I was able to achieve given my novice status. Morning was developed in Unity, scripted in UnityScript with MonoDevelop, modelled in Blender, and audio’d in sfxr and Audacity.

Check out the entry page here.

(Note: the game is slightly NSFW due to coarse language)

Download for Windows, Mac or Linux.

Screenshot of Morning

(*I’m currently working on another 3D game at the moment, but that’s in the very early stages – it doesn’t even have any models yet…)

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5 thoughts on “Morning

  1. Christian says:

    The Mac version seems to be missing!

    • noddy2006 says:

      Whoops! Fixed the link now, thanks for letting me know!

      • Christian says:

        Got it. But it crashes before the icon fully appears on the doc :-(. Man, bet you didn’t realise you’d be doing anonymous support on your blog for a Ludum Dare entry.

        (OSX 10.8.2, Macbook Air, and I have Unity installed too so that’s weird).

      • noddy2006 says:

        Running chmod +x in the terminal in the directory where ld26 was extracted fixes it – I’ll have to work out a more permanent fix later. Edit: I’ve uploaded what should be a fixed version now 🙂

        It’ll be something to do with building it on a Windows 8 machine, no doubt. Cheers for the heads up!

      • Christian says:



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