Brain Boggler

Brain Boggler is a simple puzzle game in which all the pieces must be placed on the board such that no pieces overlap. Pieces are selected from the list on the right, and can be rotated using the left and right arrow keys, and flipped with the up and down arrow keys. To place the piece, left click on the board; to remove, right click. Created for fun, and based on a physical version of the game I played as a child.


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5 thoughts on “Brain Boggler

  1. Galvion says:

    Wow, super cool! Downloading…. now!

    • noddy2006 says:

      Thanks mate! I don’t claim to be a game developer or anything, but I always enjoyed this puzzle, so I created this digital version.

      Also, if you manage to solve it, then you’ve gone one step further than me!

      • Galvion says:

        You’re welcome! You know, indie dev’s are breaking out nowadays. You could very well be as successful or even more so. And with the puzzle, not solved – yet!

      • noddy2006 says:

        You’re too kind!

        I’m a big fan of the indie game community, and with the quality of games coming out of it these days, I think it has a bright future ahead of it. I’d certainly love to get involved in it myself in the near future.

        I’ll be participating in Ludum Dare, the 48-hour game development competition (, next weekend, so look out for more games here in the next week or so!

      • Galvion says:

        I’m just being honest! Everyone needs that encouragement. I mean hey, if you got the talent and knowledge, why let it go to waste?

        And I will certainly check it out!

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