My name is Samuel, and I am a software developer and student from Wellington, New Zealand. I am currently studying at Victoria University of Wellington towards a Master of Engineering.

The purpose of this site is to provide access to a selection of my work from the last few years, as well as provide me with an avenue to express my thoughts and opinions on a variety of issues. I hope that this will provide an opportunity for discussion on a variety of issues, whether technology-related or otherwise.

A little bit about me:

While my main academic interests include artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction, I am generally very interested in the world of technology, and like to keep up with the latest developments in the field.

When not playing with the latest gadgets, I can often be found playing either my guitar or keyboard – not only do I find the exercise highly relaxing, I also find both the logic and psychology behind music composition fascinating.

I am not only an enthusiastic gamer, but I also highly enjoy the development side of games. As a result, I occasionally develop my own games, both as side projects and also as part of game jams (such as Ludum Dare).

Finally, I am a keen supporter of football in New Zealand (including a regular season member of Wellington Phoenix F.C.) and worldwide.



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